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Public School System Is Changing Grade Levels - 1330 Words

One of the perks of working in a public school system is changing grade levels. My first year teaching at my school I taught the tenth grade. I have since then moved to teaching the twelfth grade. Many things have changed since my first year. One thing that did not change is my favorite disruptive student. When I looked at my roster for the year, I saw Student X in my class of 30 students. In the tenth grade, this students was loud and always talking at the wrong times. He would argue with students and attempt to argue with me. He would not complete assignments unless it was in season for the sport he plays. Since the tenth grade and a new district technology policy, Student X has gotten worse. In addition to his previous behaviors, Student X is contantly on his phone and uses that to distract others. Many students become annoyed by his behavior and try to get him to stop being a distraction. This usually results in an shouting match. Student X becomes defensive and will use profanit y to insult students and further disrupt the class. At this point, Student X is usually dismissed from the class and is sent to his Assistant Principal’s office. The other students cheer and get back to work, and Student X misses out on more valuable instructional time. Even though he is graduating soon, it is important that Student X learns how to act in a classroom setting. Creating a problem solving method is important to dealing with this student and students like him in the future. ProblemShow MoreRelatedPublic School Funding Is Unfair And Unequal1374 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Public school funding is unfair and unequal in most states. However, more concerning is out of the 49 million children in public schools, students living in poverty are affected the most. There are wide disparities in the amount spent on public education across the country, from a high of $18,507 per pupil in New York, to a low of $6,369 in Idaho (Baker, Sciarra, Farrie, 2015). The question that all stakeholders should be asking is school funding fair? What is fair school funding? Read MoreEssay TAAS Test and STAAR Educational Test in Texas1511 Words   |  7 PagesDallas ISD Needs A New System of Governance In the 1990’s, I grew up taking the TAAS test or Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. I did not know why we had to take them but everyone had to and teachers tried to prepare us as much as they can. Then in the 2003, the state decided to change it to TAKS test or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. I knew that I had passed, but as a student we do not question why we have to take these tests. We are only told that they are important to our educationRead MoreThe Factors Influencing California Teacher Credentialing1130 Words   |  5 Pagestrends have also been influenced by the same factors. The success of the education system in California continues to be dependent on the willingness to meet the changing needs of its population. In order for the state government to insure that educators are up to the challenge, the factors influencing California teacher credentialing must be known. Due to evolving student needs since the first public school system was established, present day educational and credentialing requirements in CaliforniaRead MoreA Study on Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity1572 Words   |  6 PagesFinancing, Liberal Arts, Equity Introduction The existing public education system in America was established when education was a low priority. As the demands for greater education grew, the public education system tried but failed to keep pace with those demands. The educational system must standardize education across America, raise the percentage of students who have mastered basic skills and teach students to understand the importance of learning about a wide variety of subjects. TheRead MoreFactors Influencing California Teacher Credentialing1433 Words   |  6 Pagestrends have also been influenced by the same factors. The success of the education system in California continues to be dependent on the willingness to meet the changing needs of its population. In order for the state government to insure that educators are up to the challenge, the factors influencing California teacher credentialing must be known. Due to evolving student needs since the first public school system was established, present day educational and credentialing requirements in CaliforniaRead MoreAnalysis Of Postecondary Remedial Education1619 Words   |  7 Pagesfollowing: changing the college-going culture, system alignment, and increased parental involvement. College-Going Culture As noted by the College Board (2006) a college-going culture is An environment that builds the expectation of post-secondary education for all†¦it inspires the best in every student, and it supports in achieving their goals† (p. 2, para 1). CUSD has begun to change the perception of college, beginning at the district level and filtering to the fourteen local high schools. Data providedRead MoreEducation: United States vs. Ukraine Essay1037 Words   |  5 Pageseducation has different forms, methods and meanings for people. Given the opportunity to attend schools in Ukraine and in the United States, I could not help but notice the differences between the two educational systems. The U.S. educational system is more liberal, comprehensive, and specialty focused when compared to the Ukrainian system. The educational system of Ukraine is continuously changing due to the transitional period of the country from the former Soviet Union. During the Soviet periodRead MoreHigh School Graduation Rates Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagesurban priority school districts, educators emphasize the importance of graduation. The expectation of all educators should be that every child can learn and will graduate. It is through graduation that society begins to combat poverty. In New Haven Public Schools, where graduation rates are higher than comparable districts in the state of Connecticut, they are not inclusive of all public school students. It is through collaboration with the University of Chicago and the Consortium on School Research thatRead MoreThe American Education System Education1438 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Education System Education plays important role in society. It determines the final development of an adult’s personality. In today’s society most jobs require a University degree. To receive a University degree students need to rely on a good education system. Does America provide this? The American education system has relied on the grade point average system for a long time. The problem with this is there is not a universal GPA grade point system varying from course to course. This createsRead MoreThe Importance Of Technology In Education823 Words   |  4 Pages Introduction The amount of technology on the shelves at ROWVA community School District 208 is very impressive for such a small, rural district. While looking at the vast opportunities available for learning, one may assume that technology is the focus of education, that is not the case. It is time to teach technology - not for technologys sake but to ignite a spark of creativity and logical problem solving that is sometimes lost in the â€Å"old factory† ways of education. Educators should integrate

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Feminism And The Men s Rights Movement - 1797 Words

In America, there is a war raging. This war is not fought with guns blaring and casualties strewn across the battlefield. It is a far more subtle war that divides to its very core. There seems to be no way out and the victory of one side over the other will mean that no one wins. This war is engrained into our society in the pursuit of equality between men and women. However, there is a divide within this pursuit, a tendency to side with one extreme or the other: modern feminism and the men’s rights movement. These paradigms, on the surface, seem harmless. However, when taking a closer look, the issues that are addressed in these movements are further cause for the division of men and women. While promoting the idea of equality, at the†¦show more content†¦(pg 88).† While it is a common belief that men are trying to oppress women, as Meacham stated, that cannot speak for the majority of men who have women in their lives that they love and care about. To begin, s exual harassment did not really start to become an issue that needed to be addressed until women started entering the workforce. Feminists argue that women are disadvantaged in the workforce because they are viewed as a sexual object. Therefore, stricter enforcement against sexual harassment in the workplace was implemented. However, the men’s rights movement argue that women are capable of exploiting their sexuality to ensnare them into being convicted of sexual harassment that, even though initiated by the woman, is charged as the man’s fault. Secondly, equality in the workplace is also a common issue. Many different studies have shown that women make only seventy seven cents for every dollar that a man makes. Men’s rights activists (MRAs) argue that this statistic is biased, basing it only on average yearly income and not taking into account amount of hours worked, years of experience and time taken off. MRAs also argue that men comprise the majority of hig h risk occupations leading to a significantly higher rate of male workplace injuries and casualties. Education is another governmental issue that is commonly argued within the gender wars. According to Meacham, â€Å"More women are attending higher education than men. Now,Show MoreRelatedDoes Feminism Create Equality?1037 Words   |  5 PagesDoes Feminism Create Equality? Feminism is an umbrella term for people who think there is something wrong with the idea that gender has the capability to limit an individual’s social and political right. Even if there is inequality between men and women, feminism has never been the main reason to give women their civil rights. Feminism started among European activists in the 19th century, when women were not treated equally and were not elected to high positions of power. Indeed, it sought to eliminateRead MoreFeminism : Women s Role1541 Words   |  7 Pages Feminism has had a tremendous result on women’s roles in society and in their everyday life. After a while, women got sick of living a strict lifestyle. They became tired of staying caged in their houses, cooking, and cleaning, and not being able to do what they truly wanted and so desired. So, they decided that they wanted this no more and needed to do something to put a stop to this and make change. What they really wanted was equality between men and women and wanted the same opportunities thatRead MoreFinally, Black Feminism Highlights The Unique Experiences1232 Words   |  5 PagesFinally, Black feminism highlights the unique experiences of Black women, but it lies in its commitment to justice, not just for Black women but for that of other similarly oppressed groups. An essential idea within Black feminism is intersectionality in that they argue that race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. are bound together (Garcia, 2016). In other words, white women and black women do n ot share identical experiences, despite all being female. Likewise, a middle-class black woman has a differentRead MoreThree Waves Of Feminism Essay1406 Words   |  6 PagesWaves Of Feminism Seeing the title the first thing that comes to our mind is â€Å" What is Feminism†? feminism is a belief where a woman s needs and their contributions are valued. It’s based on the social, political and economical equality for women. It is also described as a movement. Where women are fighting for their right since evolution. Now, what about the word â€Å"wave†? The word â€Å"wave† which categorizes feminism because it illustrates the forward motion- of the women s movements. It helpsRead MoreThe Second Wave Of Feminism799 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay examines the question, â€Å"To what extent was the second wave of feminism (in the 1960’s and 1970’s) successful in achieving equality for women?† The essay is introduced by describing why the second wave of feminism developed and the aims of this second wave of feminist. The essay is broken into two parts. The first part of the essay discusses the impact of women s rights activist on legislation. It is argued that the second wave feminist were unsuccessful in gaining e quality in terms ofRead MoreFeminism And Its Impact On Women s Rights Movement Essay1586 Words   |  7 Pages Growing up, misconceptions of feminism lead me to reject the idea quickly. Identifying myself as a feminist made me uncomfortable since it evoked the image of a troop of an angry man-hating, unattractive women. When signing up for classes for senior year, I wanted to pick classes of interest to me, but sadly those classes were filled up, leaving me with no choice to enroll in a Gender Studies class. Unexpectedly, I never met with a mass of enraged women spewing hate towards males; rather it wasRead MoreFeminism : The Second Wave Of Feminism1222 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is feminism? Feminism is a definition to philosophy in which women and their contributions are valued. It is based on a social political and economical which is an equality for women. It’s a revolution that includes women and men who who wish the world to be equal without boundaries. The evolution of the rights of women in Australia owes much to successive waves of feminism, or the women s movement. The first of these took place in the late 19th century and was concerned largely with gainingRead MoreFeminism Is For Everyone By Bell Hooks And Men And Feminism750 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is Feminism? Feminism. The f-word. This word has many different connotations. The dictionary definition of feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men ( The simpler, more stereotypical, definition is policies that are pro-women and anti-men. Before this class all I ever heard, was that the stereotypical feminist is a woman who hates all men and everything about men. She probably does not shave (ever) and she is mostRead MorePatriarchy And Gendered Inequality?1421 Words   |  6 PagesDo you agree that feminism remains a highly relevant ideology in its challenge to patriarchy and gendered inequality? The aim of this essay is to present some very important aspects of feminism as an ideology and its importance in today s world. It is commonly believed, that feminism is no longer needed and should be considered as successfully completed movement. However, there are many misinterpretations of this ideology, which should be corrected in order to fully understand its prime postulatesRead MoreFazal Ihsan Pattathil. Mrs. Ramsey. English I. 05 May 2017.1231 Words   |  5 PagesFeminist Movement Pros/Cons In the 1960’s women in America were expected to marry in their early 20’s and start a family. Back then not many women worked, most stayed at home and took care of the children. Now, in the year 2017, women have equal rights to men and are now a very important part of the workforce. Although the Feminist movement is giving women equal treatment to men there are also feminists who believe that women should be indistinguishable to men, this form of radical feminism is harmful

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A Summary of UN Handbook on Gender Training Free Essays

In the topic, WHY GENDER MATTERS, METHOLOGY, the proper approaches to Peace Support Operations is captured clearly. Any personnel engaged in Peace Support Operations should be at home with them in order to achieve an effective result. There is a strong need for the personnel to understand the interconnecting strands that underlines the military, political, economic and social life of the community of the operations in order to improve relation with members. We will write a custom essay sample on A Summary of UN Handbook on Gender Training or any similar topic only for you Order Now   Understanding that communities consist of different people with different needs and priorities will help the personnel to improve on the planning of responses thus facilitating overall achievement of mission target. In all,   an increased level of sustainable peace should be the target. Furthermore, the FOUR CASE STUDIES open up vistas on the need for enlightenment. The Iraq case study shows that in order to save life, there is the need to recognise women’s roles and responsibilities in a crisis situation. Men alone could not have been assigned to distribute food items. Also the rights of the community of operations should be protected as seen in the Cambodian case study. Peacekeeping missions should avoid creating negative atmosphere in the host communities by laying down clear policies and practices based on respect for human rights. Similarly, for effective conditions for peace and stability to be created, no organisation should be overlooked. For instance, after 28 yrs of violence and ethnic conflict, Sudanese women came together to stop the violence through a peace conference which is a non-violent approach to inter-tribal conflict. This shows the fact that women’s organisations are also key to establishing peace and should not be overlooked. The fourth case study throws more light on enhancing the people’s ability to deal with crisis and rebuilding society. It goes further to state that women and men feel and participate in conflict differently. Their experiences have a role to play in post war era. For instance in Colombia, many rural communities had a lot of examples wherein women were restricted to the houses, men did all the running around. The implication   is that in the case of eventual displacement to urban areas, the women survived more with their skills than men. The women turned their domestic skills into jobs. Note that during crises or wars, gender perspective must be applied to the Peace Support Operations. There is the need to understand what gender perspective does and does not involve in such Peace Support Operations. While women should not be focused on exclusively, there is need to look at the inequalities and differences between women and men. That will enable resources, which focus on women’s peculiar needs, to be mapped out. Also the operation does not concern itself with treating women only as a vulnerable group. There is the need to note that any of the genders can be harmed. However, women need not be reduced to victims. Peacekeeping must consider the inequalities and differences between women and men thereby structuring resources to that effect. This will enable an easy check on overall impact of the intervention strategies. Again, the PSO should note that men and women differ in their thinking   and should not focus only on employment equity issues within organisations rather should recognises that equal opportunities for women within organisations is only one aspect of a concern for gender equality. A criticism to this is that there is no clear way of measuring the amount of attention given to women. It may be over done. In FILLING THE GAPS: A VIRTUAL DISCUSSION ON GENDER, PEACE AND SECURITY RESEARCH, ten key recommendations were made by   90 academics and research professional drawn from across various fields in Oct 2008, The dialogued for three weeks. Their recommendations bothered basically on identifying gaps in gender, peace and security research and efforts to fill up such lacunae through effective research methods and tools. However, the group should clearly understand that there is often a wide gap between theories or research and practical life situations. While life is larger than logic, all efforts are always geared towards bridging that. There is a link between feminism, militarism and human right. It could be extrapolated from the laid out facts in the four treated topics. While every human being deserves his/her fundamental human rights and privileges, that of the women folk should not be viewed from any less spectrum at all. Military officials, who are often peacekeepers in conflict zones, should learn to uphold the human rights of member of their host communities with an eye not to look down on women in any bit. Cases have shown where women are receiving inhuman or less treatment from them.   Designed peace and reconstruction programmes must show that women are not just mere entities but participants in such communities. How to cite A Summary of UN Handbook on Gender Training, Papers

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The Main Threat to the Modern Democracy

The whole world knows how seriously the United States takes the observance of the law. However, it does not mean that nothing threatens our democracy and politics. If we are eager to hold our field of being a democratic state, all the civilians should do their best to support the enactment of laws.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on The Main Threat to the Modern Democracy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, democracy is a collaborative work of state, politicians and ordinary people. That’s why all the people should perform their civic duty and be aware of the political situation in their country. Voters’ apathy, illiteracy and dependence on the mass media undermine the modern state order. However, I consider misinformation that the mass media and Internet provide to threaten our democracy more than the unawareness of electorate. The problem of people’s lack of knowledge about the c ontemporary situation in the politics, government and law bothers the conscientious part of society. A special public inquiry made in 20/20 In Touch Should Some People Not Vote? shocks with the level of voters’ civic education. It is mentioned that â€Å"civic education is an essential component of political socialization† in Essentials of American and Texas Government: Roots and Reform (O’Connor 286). However, those people are guided by other sources such as â€Å"demographic characteristics, family, peers and the mass media† (O’Connor 286). Unfortunately, nowadays, the mass media affects the formation of the politic opinion of the civilians most of all. The Pew Research Center determined that the young people are more depended on the mass media and Internet (O’Connor 299). The facts discussed there are specially selected and misrepresented. It would better for the promotion and improvement of our state order if TV shows create programs dee pening people’s knowledge in basic civic education. Voters’ unawareness in politics is like a disease that can be treated. However, mass media do not try to heal the society. The news we get from those resources are very specific and limited. The real facts are enlightened from the point of view which is favorable for the press.Advertising Looking for critical writing on political sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, people failed to recognize Joe Biden, the current Vice President, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court’s Associate Justice, in 20/20 In Touch Should Some People Not Vote?. However, they are fond of the rock concert in support of some politician. Famous musicians propagandized people that they should have voted for a person about whom they did not know anything. Thus, contemporary voters guided by mass media just repeat the thoughts popularized by modern celebrities. They give their vote for the candidate chosen for them. The democracy means that all the civilians should express their own opinions and make their own choices. Thus, people appear to be deprived of their right to be free in voting. It is the greatest blow to the democracy. All these TV shows bring home to people very dangerous ideas. The poll made in 20/20 In Touch Should Some People Not Vote? evokes mixed ideas. I had a feeling that this show was not intended to encourage people to improve their civic education, but was aimed to provoke the rest of the society to consider those people unworthy voting. However, we should not forget that the equality of rights guarantees people to have an opportunity to vote. This right is stated in our Constitution that is the base of our democracy. Thus, when press prejudices the fundamental law, it makes the entire society step back of the democratic way. Mass media and Internet go against democracy and manipulate electorate depriving them of their persona l politic opinion and even of their right to vote. I consider that mass media should provide people with independent news to extend their civic education. Works Cited O’Connor, Karen, Sabato, Larry J., and Alixandra B. Yanus. Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform. 2009 ed. New York: Longman, 2009. Print. O’Connor, Karen, Sabato, Larry J., Yanus, Alixandra B., Gibson, L. Tucker, and Clay Robison Essentials of American and Texas Government: Roots and Reform. 2011 4th ed. New York: Longman, 2011. Print.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on The Main Threat to the Modern Democracy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More â€Å"Should Some People Not Vote?† 20/20 In Touch Webcast. ABC News. ABC, New York. 14 Oct. 2008. Television. This critical writing on The Main Threat to the Modern Democracy was written and submitted by user Fernando Zamora to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management Essays

Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management Essays Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management Essay Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management Essay How Internal And External Factors Effect The Levels Of Management For a company to be successful in the long term today. they must be diverse. The company needs to be able to accommodate to alterations. The demand for these alterations can show themselves from many angles. Some would include alterations in the economic system. selling. or even a alteration in the mark audience. A company has to look at more than merely the four degrees of direction. Organizations must look at how internal and external factors can impact the four degrees of direction. and adjust consequently for these alterations to be successful in today’s universe. Diverseness There are many types of diverseness. racial. cultural. cultural. age. gender. and geographic. But diverseness can besides include experience and accomplishments. A company’s ability to last depends on their ability to accommodate to current alterations. The diverseness within a company must be taken into consideration during the four maps of direction. The most successful companies will be those that recognize the power of diverseness in their work force and in the merchandise mix. and efficaciously create merchandises and services that appeal to their progressively diverse client base. By including diverseness in the planning phase. Amazon. om would reflect diverseness in their concern. This would consequences in better merchandises and a wider scope of consumers giving them an advantage over rivals. The company must understand its’ organisational construction. and the societal and cultural positions of its’ employees in order to be effectual. efficient. and advance an environment suitable for advancement. Employees who are diverse in accomplishments. experience. and background aid to construct a strong organisational foundation. Increasing globalisation requires companies to hold more interaction with diverse civilizations and backgrounds. Organizations must be prepared to learn themselves and their employees to value multicultural differences. Management must actuate their employees to go to diverseness preparation in order to be educated on different civilizations and traditions and to esteem these differences. Diversity is critical to a company’s success. We are portion of a world-wide economic system with planetary competition. Diverseness can increase productiveness. selling chances. enlisting. and the organization’s image which. in bend. can increase net incomes ( Leading With Diversity. neodymium ) . Globalization Globalization has changed the face of concern. In today’s concern market. international concern is necessary in order to derive an advantage. Amazon. com understands this demand. With the formation of the Internet and Internet selling. globalisation was a good fringe benefit which changed the concern market. supplying a manner for companies to make concerns and clients from around the Earth at the chink of a mouse. Amazon. com was created to work in the planetary concern environment through the Internet. The company handles B2B and B2C dealingss and minutess. Amazon. com uses an on-line client informations base to maintain up with the demands of clients. The company created an Internet e-business theoretical account. and built up from these based on information obtained from clients. The company’s strong substructure supports its mission to be the leader in e-commerce. ( A Conceptual Analysis f the Key success of Business in terms of Internet Marketing. 2012 ) . Customers are ever looking for convenience in today’s planetary economic system. Amazon. com uses technological invention to drive growing and present convenience to its clients. An online concern. such as Amazon. com. bases ends for Planning on these factors. In order to present strategic value. a company such as Amazon. com works to widen globally to make clients and retail merchants internationally. Amazon. com began with a B2C platform. but direction saw the possible to be an on-line planetary leader by managing B2B dealingss every bit good. When Forming. direction adds package. e-commerce capablenesss. and entree for concerns to utilize the online company’s resources. Amazon. com has created a planetary online concern through proper planning and forming that delivers strategic value. Management Leading can mobilise and actuate employees. Amazon. com has extended its gross revenues and merchandises through drawn-out subdivisions in different parts of the universe to supply services anytime and anyplace through the Internet and globalisation. Through the Controlling procedure of direction. online companies such as Amazon. com have continuously improved and expanded services to all over the universe. As a consequence of success through right using the four maps of direction. Amazon. com is a taking luck 500 company who uses globalisation through the World Wide Web to present fast. successful services to clients and retail merchants. Without the possibility of globalisation through engineering. e-commerce would non be plenty for the company to remain on top. Technology Technology is invariably altering and well hard to maintain up with. Because of these alterations. pull offing at Amazon. com would decidedly be a challenge. Directors must get down with the planning stage by measuring and finding consumer’s demands for purchasing. merchandising. utilizing. and transporting which can demo both internal and external growing. Personal information is shared online and is protected to guarantee safe minutess. Amazon. com ensures that individuality larceny is neer an option through their engineering. Forming all the informations gathered from engineering can besides assist direction maintain path of tendencies. gross revenues. and possible returns. Once this information is shared among direction. they are so able to take employees with preparation on how to implement new engineering like package. security protection on waiters. Amazon. com besides ensures employees are adhering to company policy with the usage and entree of services online. The commanding stage of direction is completed by watching over the advancement of smart phone applications. Internet place usage. and transporting gross revenues. By watching advancement and being certain initial ends and challenges are being met. the security of consumer information and merchandises are non being put to put on the line. and if a job arises. direction can catch it early plenty to take attention of the state of affairs. With engineering doing entree to Amazon. com so much easier for consumers. the direction of this changeless altering engineering can be a immense challenge with so many options for entree and maintaining the information protected with encodings. Invention With an of all time altering market. a great concern has to be able to go what the consumer demands at any given minute. This requires invention. Innovation involves any new thought. merchandise. procedure. engineering or service that a concern introduces to its consumer. When it comes to invention and the planning procedure. a concern needs to be cognizant that factors such as the market. the customer’s current demands. and even what merchandises rivals have released. can impact the current concern program. There needs to be flexibleness in the concern program to account for these alterations. A concern demands to hold leaders who are able to understand how their concern is being presently run and how it can be run in the hereafter. This allows them to see ow alterations in the concern program might impact all facets of the concern. A concern director needs to be open-minded and promote its employees to portion their thoughts on new concern theoretical accounts. new ways to do a net income and even ways to better bing concern methods so that the current concern program is both advanced and effectual. When it comes to invention and the forming procedure. a company needs to be cognizant of the current concern program at all times. The demand for a concern to be advanced and adapt to the alterations in the market can do all four maps of direction to necessitate seting often. If the concern program is changed. the company needs to re-gather and delegate all its resources. employees and fundss to guarantee that the new program can be implemented to the full and in an organized mode. Invention affects this map of direction in a more indirect manner ; by altering the planning procedure. the directing procedure alterations. When a company decides to alter their concern program. they have to re-direct the staff. When measuring the staff. the director needs to be certain that they are on path to run into the ends outlined in the planning procedure. Invention can do the ends to alter. therefore doing directors to re-evaluate the employees to be certain they are still on path. Ethical motives Every concern is run by a set codification of moralss. Ethical motives are different for every individual. as they are an individual’s personal return on what is right and what is incorrect. A concern uses a codification of moralss to guarantee that every employee abides by the same set of criterions and upholds the values of the organisation with which they work. When it comes to the planning procedure. moralss play a cardinal function. The company needs to cognize how they want their concern to look to the populace and develop their program around that. If a company wants to look ethical and trusty to its clients it has to supply great client service at all times. This meant that Amazon. com had to make a safe site. a choice merchandise. and be certain to present the merchandise quickly. When it comes to forming and moralss. Amazon. com had to be certain to maintain all resources. employees. and fundss in order to maintain their word on the quality of both their merchandise and their bringing times. For the client to believe that Amazon. com is an ethical and trusty site requires employees and resources to be organized at all times. When it comes to taking their employees. it is of import to be certain that they are non merely on undertaking but besides following the company’s codification of moralss. If holding a safe site. a choice merchandise. and prompt bringing is of import to Amazon. com ; it needs to be of import to all their employees every bit good. When analysing the advancement being made. the director needs to besides be certain that the staff is staying diligent in their attempts to guarantee quality client service. Ethical motives are found in every aspect of a company and therefore they need to be monitored on a regular basis. Decision There is so much more that goes into keeping a successful concern in today’s competitory market place than merely the four degrees of direction. The company must ever be cognizant of and be able to accommodate to many altering factors. These factors come from many topographic points in the market place. Some are external and the company will hold small to no control over these and must merely accommodate. However the internal factors can be controlled by the company through monitoring and policy alterations. The company that can detect the changing factors and integrate and adapt to these alterations will be successful in today’s competitory market place.

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Third Ventricle Function and Anatomy

Third Ventricle Function and Anatomy The third ventricle is a narrow cavity located between the two hemispheres of the diencephalon of the forebrain. The third ventricle is part of a network of linked cavities (cerebral ventricles) in the brain that extend to form the central canal of the spinal cord. The cerebral ventricles consist of the lateral ventricles, third ventricle, and fourth ventricle. Key Takeaways The third ventricle is one of four brain ventricles. It is a cavity filled with cerebrospinal fluid located between the two hemispheres of the diencephalon of the forebrain.The third ventricle helps to protect the brain from trauma and injury.The third ventricle is also involved in the transport of both nutrients and waste from the bodys central nervous system.It is also involved in the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid. The ventricles contain cerebrospinal fluid, which is produced by specialized epithelium located within the ventricles called the choroid plexus. The third ventricle is connected to the fourth ventricle via the cerebral aqueduct, which extends through the midbrain. Third Ventricle Function The third ventricle is involved in several functions of the body including: Protection of the Brain From TraumaPathway for the Circulation of Cerebrospinal FluidTransportation of  Nutrients to and Waste from the Central Nervous System Third Ventricle Location Directionally, the third ventricle is situated in the middle of the cerebral hemispheres, between the right and left lateral ventricles. The third ventricle is inferior to the fornix and corpus callosum. Third Ventricle Structure The third ventricle is surrounded by a number of structures of the diencephalon. The diencephalon is a division of the forebrain that relays sensory information between brain regions and controls many autonomic functions. It links endocrine system, nervous system, and limbic system structures. The third ventricle  can be described as having six components: a roof, a floor, and four walls. The roof of the third ventricle is formed by a part of the  choroid plexus known as the tela chorioidea. The tela chorioidea is a dense network of capillaries that is surrounded by ependymal cells. These cells produce cerebrospinal fluid. The floor of the third ventricle is formed by a number of structures including the hypothalamus, subthalamus,  mammilary bodies,  infundibulum (pituitary stalk), and the tectum of the midbrain. The lateral walls of the third ventricle are formed by the walls of the left and right thalamus. The anterior wall is formed by the anterior commissure (white matter nerve fibers), lamina terminalis, and optic chiasma. The posterior wall is formed by the pineal gland and habenular commissures. Attached to the external walls of the third ventricle are  interthalamic adhesions (bands of gray matter) that cross the third ventricle cavity and connect the two thalami. The third ventricle is connected to the lateral ventricles by channels called interventricular foramina or foramina of Monro. These channels allow cerebrospinal fluid to flow from the lateral ventricles to the third ventricle. The cerebral aqueduct connects the third ventricle to the fourth ventricle. The third ventricle also has small indentations known as recesses. Recesses of the third ventricle include the preoptic recess (near the optic chiasma), infundibular recess (funnel shaped recess that extends downward into the pituitary stalk), mammillary recess (formed by protrusions of the mammilary bodies into the third ventricle), and pineal recess (extends into the pineal gland). Third Ventricle Abnormalities CT scan of a brain of a patient with intracerebral hemorrhage from stroke with bleeding into the third ventricle. Sopone Nawoot/iStock/Getty Images Plus Third ventricle issues and abnormalities can occur in a variety of conditions like stroke, meningitis and hydrocephalus. A relatively common cause of an abnormality of the third ventricle occurs with congenital hydrocephalus (abnormal contour with a dilated third ventricle). Ventricular System of the Brain The ventricular system consists of two lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, and the fourth ventricle. More Information For additional information on the third ventricle, see: The Third Ventricle Anatomy of the Brain The brain is the bodys control center. It receives, interprets, and directs sensory information in the body. Find out more about the brains anatomy. Divisions of the Brain Forebrain - encompasses the cerebral cortex and brain lobes.Midbrain - connects the forebrain to the hindbrain.Hindbrain - regulates autonomic functions and coordinates movement. Sources Glastonbury, Christine M., et al. â€Å"Masses and Malformations of the Third Ventricle: Normal Anatomic Relationships and Differential Diagnoses.† RadioGraphics,

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Journal 1 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Journal 1 - Article Example They are identified by their wisdom, sincerity, authority and courage. They usually have human quality and strong commitment to their own ideologies and to those of their servants (Lopez, n.d). The first leadership I ever experienced in my life is the one that came from both my parents. All through my growth and development stages, my parents have been the core pillar of my understanding of what servant-leadership is. Looking up to them for being the first leaders I experienced in my life, they taught me how one could make a servant and a leader at the same time. In my teenage period when I ignored all that happened around me, never did they go wrong in ensuring that I remained respectful. They ensured that I was liable to my actions without compromising the love I had for them. That was wisdom, authority and courage they showed me. Being the first born in a family of six, I try frequently to emulating their leadership skill of sincerity, authority and courage down to my younger sibl ings. In my school life, I also met other leaders: Teachers and student leaders who showed love, provided good direction, made personal sacrifices and encouraged healthy competition among the people they led. My teachers ensured that order, justice and equality for all people could be best achieved through dialogue. Servant leaders develop logical and analytical skills taught in learning institutions. In schools we are taught on how to express unlimited liability for others. These include knowing one self, developing communities and use of power accordingly which make us become servant leaders (Lopez, n.d). I HAVE A DREAM Leaders make great personal sacrifice for the good of their servants. Wise leadership never depends on luck. Rather, it trusts its future to positive attitude, hard work, determination and endurance. There is no easy way to develop leaders. They must learn continually throughout their lives. It is in this context that Martin Luther’s dream of a country which is free of injustices and oppression came to be fulfilled. Martin Luther had a dream of his children living in a nation not judged by their skin color but by their character. True to his words, America is now a great nation and this is clearly depicted by their status as superpower country under a black president (King, n.d). As elaborated in the previous paragraph, self-knowledge enhances genuineness since being honest and open with others is difficult. Such individual qualities reinforce group quality and that is what leadership is all about. In a broader sense, we see the purpose of leadership embraces different values. These include creating a supportive environment where people can grow, live in peace and harmony with one another, promoting harmony with the Mother Nature thus sustainability for future generations, creating communities of shared responsibilities where all people, irrespective of color, age, race and social status matter. Ultimately, each person’s welfare and dignity is supported and valued. I was once a drama club leader in my school. When I sit back and reflect on how I led the drama group I come to realize that it is with such characters as self-knowledge, described by Martin Luther above, that I successfully managed reinforcing group quality that made the drama club a success. By the time I quit drama for other things, we already had like three trophies for our school. All these are characteristics